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Just Music picks up 4 SAMA XXI Nominations - 2015 12/03/2015
Just Music is very proud to announce that our artists picked up 4 SAMA XXI Nominations:-Best Rock AlbumaKING - Morning AfterZebra & Giraffe - KnucklesBest Alternative AlbumBye Beneco - Space ElephantTailor - Light The winners will be announced on the 19th April 2015 #Fingerscrossed
Singer, Moonchild, Reaches For the Stars 12/12/2014
Each of singer Moonchild Sanelly’s musical influences can be traced back to her childhood in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. Her love of jazz stems from her mother’s own jazz club, her hip-hop persuasions from growing up around her brother’s recording studio, and her kwaito connection from mixing with her cousins’ dance crew.This has all come together to form the foundation of the 26-year-old’s richly textured urban sounds on her debut full-length album, Rabulapha, which is being released next year by local independent label Just Music. But Sanelly doesn’t only dabble in music. She is also a poet, a dancer and a fashion designer. After moving to Durban to study fashion when she finished high school, Sanelly go
aKing Included In iTunes 'Best of 2014' 08/12/2014
Congratulations, Morning After by Aking has been selected for inclusion in iTunes Best of 2014. Showcasing picks chosen by the iTunes Editorial team, this feature celebrates the year's best music, apps, TV shows, movies, books, and podcasts from iTunes' incredible selection.Check out the feature here:

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