"a brain moving in reverse..."



experimentation with sound from his acoustic guitar is an area in which yoav thrives, and a direction he is intent on continuing to explore. yoav is indie music’s best-kept secret, one that earned him a placement on the acclaimed "sucker punch" soundtrack (a re-imagined cover of the pixies “where is my mind?”) & an appearance on later with jools holland (with the hit “club thing”).

“it’s no surprise to find that a large amount of yoav’s physical immersion into the process of recording – long hours, labouring over details, crafting each word"


his debut album charmed and strange was released in early 2008. yoav's music features his own vocals and accompaniment by an acoustic guitar, which he uses to create electronica-style beats with his hands. he has also released two singles, "club thing" and "beautiful lie", the former having some success and charting in countries around europe. “i never wanted to be known as ‘the loop guy’,” yoav says of where he’s mostly been slotted in over past few years.

following a stack of live gigs around the globe yoav is acclaimed for his masterful grasp of sonic textures; trance-like washes, back-beats and other mercurial effects. since yoav's critically acclaimed debut album, charmed and strange, he has sold out headline shows in canada, the u.s., and europe. he also embarked on a north american tour with tori amos, on which he sold over 9,000 copies of his album in three months.


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