pascal & pearce



"falling through paper skies..."



after a chance meeting in 2007, pascal ellinas and dave pearce began the long winding road that is now the stellar production and dj duo of pascal & pearce. a simple name with a simple goal: to rock as many dance-floors as possible! “disko biskit” burned up countless parties in 2010. it saw success not only at home, but topped the charts abroad, garnering international acclaim and plays from the top house dj’s around the world

“pascal & pearce can be summed up in three words: energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring..."

pascal & pearce have played alongside international dj’s such as paul oakenfold, wally lopez, stupid fresh, calvertron, and tom eq to name a few. a pascal & pearce set can be described as fun, filthy, progressive, driving, funky, and melodic. pascal & pearce have very diverse backgrounds in music, which combined with their love for the industry provides an abundance of energy which is both seen and felt by the crowd.




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