Death By Misadventure



"cold hard fact..."



death by misadventure or dbym (pronounced dee-by-em) is a 2-piece electronic dance outfit made up of producer/songwriting team - isaac klawansky (shadowclub) and tamara dey (flash republic). the album was mixed in LA by dave cooley (m83/presets).

“they describe their sound as alternative electronica with influences ranging from hip-hop and electro to pop and techno..."


fascinated by the excess of human nature, they’ve called their act death by misadventure, a term used to describe an accidental death, a slip and fall, or in many cases, the way a young artist has partied themselves to death. the pairs’ dark dynamic resonates through songs driven by soaring synth lines and tamara’s moody vocals.

their debut album ‘dumb dumb’ covers all aspects of the dbym theme with commentary on everything from bad drugs in ‘in deep’ and domestic abuse in ‘cold hard fact’ to the excess of religion in ‘faith’ and our destruction of the earth in the title track ‘dumb dumb’.



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