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 "pristine techno-soul..."



in august 2010, sohn released two songs "warnings" and "oscillate" under the sohn moniker through his soundcloud page. a month later his first EP was announced by the london-based aesop label. the songs "the wheel" and "red lines" were also streamed online and immediately picking up wide spread critical acclaim. the ep 'the wheel' was released on 5 november 2012 in both digital and vinyl formats. the same year he relocated to vienna, austria. on 19 april 2013, 4AD announced that it had signed sohn which coincided with his first official 4AD release, "bloodflows", which pitchfork described as "a vocal showcase and sohn's most sorrowful, powerful success yet." on 11 september 2013, the follow up track "lessons" was published online. sohn's debut album was released in the week of 7 april 2014, entitled Tremors, with lead single being "artifice".

"i can feel it coming, over the hillside, it’s a valley fire and it’s coming to burn us down..."


two years after the release of his celebrated debut album tremors, sohn has confirmed details for its follow-up, along with new song ‘conrad’. entitled rennen, the new sohn album was released on january 13, 2017. the london-born artist has traded vienna for the warmth of los angeles, but the influence of his former home still lingers (rennen is a german verb meaning ‘to run’).

"this was definitely an exercise in trying not to overwork the songs and not to make things too complicated," sohn explains. "I think I've had a tendency in the past to overthink the sounds and the layers out of some kind of fear, whereas this time I forced myself to only add those three main elements in each track and make sure the song itself was good enough."




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