odesza a moment apart


 "pristine electronic-soul..."



odesza returns with its long-anticipated third album, a body of work filled with longing, nostalgia, hope and unity. titled a moment apart these 16 tracks mark the next step in the evolution of production duo harrison mills and clayton knight, who have been making music together since their college days at western washington university.

"the album’s about perspective, and it’s about changing your perspective and not looking at something just at surface level. if there’s a theme of the album, that’s it...”


'a moment apart' moves into expanded sonic and psychic territory, seamlessly balancing organic and layered synthetic sounds, creating a dreamy, often stirring hybrid that owes as much to motown and ‘60s surf music as it does to electronic forebears such as four tet, M83, gorillaz and bonobo.

also prominent via odesza's music is the exquisite symmetry they’re able to fashion through an unexpected harmony of diverse parts. symmetry and balance is equally important for knight, who has a degree in physics and math and never planned on pursuing a career in music.




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