"great storytelling leaps forward..."


south african pop/singer-songwriter duo zacas, comprised of brothers luigi (vocals) and salva (guitar). the brothers made their record release debut with the captivating single “feather lady” in december 2017.

the zaca brothers describe themselves as story tellers. their music is influenced by life experience and traveling, deeply embedded within a vast and complex soundscape, yet at the same time smooth and comforting. zacas live performances are deeply emotive and captivating, pulling at the heartstrings of every individual in the audience.

'rich songwriting underpinned by acoustic guitar that either dances, strides or swims to every lyric...'


"feather lady is about the egyptian goddess maat (the goddess of truth and justice). anubis used maat’s feather against the heart of a person being judged. if the heart weighed more than the feather, it showed that the person’s heart was dark and impure whereas if the heart weighed less than the feather it proved that the person being judged lived a life with a light and pure heart..." luigi zaca



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