Oh! Calamity

"perfect pop anthems..."


Shaped around school friends with a similar passion and taste in music, the band could be mistaken for a calculated new boy band, quite the contrary. the lads are all gifted musicians with a natural flair for producing top notch pop-rock. Of course it helps that their youthful image has a strong appeal to the young fan base that is quickly emerging.

This young outfit made their mainstream live performance debut at the Oppikoppi festival earlier this year, where they were warmly received by screaming fans that immediately latched onto the band’s fresh sound and youthful, fun image.

'youthful and smart, oh! calamity are the toppermost of the poppermost...'


The bands debut single "Perfect Stranger" was penned by guitarist Brandon Holz, who has also composed most of the material currently set for Oh! Calamity’s debut album set for completion with acclaimed producer Matthew Fink.



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