Sannie Fox

"Soulful, intelligent & uncompromising..."


The evolving sound of South Africa’s Sannie Fox is captured on her new album My Soul Got Stranger. The album is heralded by first single, “Criminal for your Love” that powerfully illuminates the deep musical terrain mined by Fox on her first solo record since 2015’s Serpente Masjien.

'Fox has accomplished something many artists have tried, yet frequently failed, to do – and that is introduce elements that are a near-radical departure from previous creative efforts...' - Diane Coetzer


In preparation for the recording of My Soul Got Stranger, Fox worked on many different demos, gradually figuring out a sound that would remain true to her two previous albums - but also encapsulate this more expansive musical landscape. Once again working with producer Matthew Fink, the album was recorded at Popsicle Studios in Cape Town as well as Just Music’s Johannesburg studio over a period of just a month. With Fox on lead vocals, guitars, keys and synths, additional playing comes from Kurt Diedericks on drums, Ryan McArthur on electric bass, double bass and backing vocals and Dylan Rooibokkie on backing vocals.

Fox is headed to London this July, to line up a series of live performances, and introduce My Soul Got Stranger to a broader international audience. Already acknowledged as amongst the most thrilling live performers in South Africa, Fox is excited about expanding this aspect of her creative expression. “It’s going to be so interesting, approaching playing this album live. Because it is much more ballad heavy, it suits a more atmospheric and perhaps intimate setting. But there are still many visceral songs on the album, like ‘One Man’, ‘Colder to the End’ and “Like Fishes’, and the experience of performing both these aspects of my music live is going to be amazing.”

My Soul Got Stranger is available as a 13-track CD and 12-track vinyl. A 15-track version of the album is available on steaming platforms and for download.

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