Karen Zoid


The release of her first solo album "Poles Apart" in 2001 fired the imagination of both critics and the public when she burst onto the scene with the song "Afrikaners is plesierig". The song became iconic and Karen Zoid became South Africa’s queen of rock crossing over between Afrikaans and English markets.

Since then Zoid’s recordings have achieved Platinum sales status, afforded her multiple SAMA's (South African Music Awards), SAFTA's (South African Film & Television Awards). Karen has also held her own on international stages performing alongside Grammy winning artists such as John Mayer, Annie Lennox and Metallica.  In 2004 TIME Magazine highlighted her role as an icon in South African music.

Zoid is also acknowledged for hosting the South African, SAFTA winning TV series “Republiek van Zoid Afrika” as well as being The Voice SA’s most recognizable judge.

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