"wake up..."

Yeoville Radio is the new solo project by Canadian based South African vocalist and producer Kwelagobe ‘Kwela’ Sekele. It is the 6th release by the former front man of the band, Kwani Experience. This bold project is a fusion of Kwela’s musical influences: Afro-beat(s), indigenous music, early SA pop hits, praise poetry, hip-hop, synth and electronica.

Named after Yeoville, the Johannesburg suburb turned township, Yeoville Radio reflects on the vibrant and frenetic experiences of the pan-African economic migrants that occupy the community. Songs in the project are laced with polyphonic grooves, trans-lingual vocals, South African colloquialisms and street flair. Kwela vocalizes the contemporary African experience from the perspective of living and walking the streets of Johannesburg.

The project’s first single, Pfukani (‘wake up’) pays tribute to the workforce. It is dedicated to the “black diamonds”: the nine-to-fivers, the Afroprepreneurs, and the low-wage earners working to earn their bread in a continent of stark disparities.

On stage, the project showcases a live blending of organic sounds with electronic beats. The Yeoville Radio live experience is charged by the creative energy from the schizophrenic streets of Johannesburg and fueled by its forever changing urban soundscape.


Pfukani (Wake Up) (2016)

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