"she knows i'm a killer..."

shadowclub are a SAMA winning 3 piece rock and roll band hailing from johannesburg, south africa. with 2 acclaimed albums in the bag the band, a slew of unforgettable live performances (including an opening slot for kings of leon in 2011) the band have quickly embedded themselves into the annuls of south african rock history.

 like the classic rock acts that inspire them, shadowclub are about powerful songs performed with a passion that explodes from the speakers and, live, can be felt at full force by their fans.

“From the start, this was a back-to-basics band,” explains singer Jacques Moolman. “It had to be a three-piece so we could keep it simple. We wanted to make short, fast, banging tracks. Basically, music that was fun to play live and easy for a crowd to connect with.”

“I write all of the lyrics and a lot of the music,” says Moolman. “I come up with the basic riffs, then we all turn them in to a song. As soon as a new song is written, we play it live. It’s important for us to take songs out of the rehearsal room. Only in front of an audience can we tell how well they work.



guns and money




goodbye wild child




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